Why Eagle Eye?


Eagle Eye BD Giant Cyber Forensic and Security Home.



We are come form Bd best cyber Group where we work (Bangladesh Cyber Army,3xp13r Cyber Army, Black hat hacker) and we work with international famous cyber group . We have lots of experiences from Cyber world  only we know  where have vulnerability no Security expert who study about this but this is not his/her origin he/she can’t provide proper lesson or security and lots of  scamming training company in our country they don’t know about this but they were blogger  for this reason lots of student fault problem and they don’t know any thing at the result is they waste there valuable time and money so we come and protect our country cyber space.We are White Hat.White Hat is different because we approach website security through the eyes of the attacker.


Our have:

  1. 9 years experience eagle eye
  2. Personal 0 day
  3. Lots of personal tools
  4. Strong programming
  5. Creating power
  6. Hardware Security technology.
  7. Finding  Most Of any vulnerability.

Our Cyber Skill Development Course:

  1. We have lots of tools which is need for C|EH or penetration.
  2. Personal Tricks and Inter national syllabus which is our learner can perform any international company  .
  3. providing  classroom sheet.
  4. personal Eagle Eye  book.
  5. Strong programming and algorithm secure programming solution.
  6. Windows and Linux OS base work.

We believe work is the best thing rather then talk.